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    FAMILY Production is a business founded by a family of hereditary filmmakers. Family is among the most trusted production houses in Ukraine, specializing in TV commercial production. Our priority is production services for foreign companies.

    FAMILY is a Kyiv-based production service company that makes commercials, music videos, digital content, and feature films since 2004. We shoot for world-famous brands - such as Nike, Dior, Diesel, Philips, McDonald's, Vodafone. Filmmaking is literally in our blood. FAMILY was founded by hereditary directors and producers back in 2004 and we have been there ever since. We are a team of over twenty five like-minded professionals based in Kiev, most of whom have worked for the last ten years. We believe in 85% of our customers return to us over and over again.

    Our goal is to provide you with Ukraine.

    At Family, we have:

    • experienced producers;
    • casting department with own studio;
    • location with a sense of the visual needs of a script;
    • props storage;
    • editing room;
    • production manager team;
    • Orange man puppet doll.

    Our business is our family. And we invite you to become part of it!

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