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    Community Innitiatives for You!

    About concept. The style of the project was to combine the benefits and motivation of social works, health and energy from sports and happiness from spending time in the circle of cheerful and positive people. The purpose of our project is to unite people so that they can make new acquaintances and find new opportunities in their lives. This is like a one large family of different social communities.

    What is the project for? Blip is an initiative portal where you can follow various open projects, chat with your friends, write comments, and participate in any event. You may even start your own event and create your own social community.

    Desktop design. The Blip Organization is distributed to almost all of Europe. Join the Blip family and a small piece of your life will definitely change for the better.

    About project creators. We had a dream! All began with four like-minded people who managed to turn their dream into a large project unifying countires for one goal — make ourselves and the world better.

    Map of Events. A map with events will easily help you to locate large-scale terrain. An easy search function will speed up the results. A click on the selected object will instantly be transferred to the project's page.

    Event page. On the page of the event, you can chat with people who are interested in the project, offer your vision or advise the founder of the initiative by sending him personally a letter.

    Feed page. The feed page will show all events which will hold soon. Each project can be “liked” by users. And after registration you’ll be able to see the events next to you.

    Profile page. A personal cabinet allows you to follow your initiatives. You can make your profile more attractive to people by writing interesting posts, creating events and gathering “likes”.

    Mobile design. The mobile version will allow you to keep up to date. Being on the road, at work or in any other country — Blip Family is always found in four clicks on the phone. Blip is your way to be mobile and always keep in touch!

    What are green cells? They represent the communities of people which can very by numbers and interests. In one place or in one country. Either with common or different interests they are united by Blip! It was made. In the development process, a corporate style, emails, a desktop and mobile versions of Blip Portal were created. And tried to put all our mood and inspiration through a number of illustrations.

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