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    Cinema Cups

    Planeta Kino is a leader in the cinema market of Ukraine: 5 cities, 7 movie theaters, 49 cinema halls, 4.5 mln transactions a year. And as any cinema owner would know, popcorn sales make up to 30% of revenues. In 2016 Planeta Kino invested in Kinomarkets - stand alone shops in movie theaters. Kinomarkets feature a great variety of snacks and drinks but, most importantly, popcorn. As we were producing more popcorn, we needed to sell more. In our first attempt we tried selling popcorn as a separate product, talking about its taste and flavors, but the people did not respond to it and there was no impact on sales. So, the challenge we faced, was clear: how to sale popcorn in an appealing to movie fans way? Planeta Kino had 360,000 followers on social media — all eagerly waiting for premier trailers. So we thought: why not show them what they want, but in a different format? We crafted five short premier trailers, set in a pile of popcorn, with actors cut out of popcorn cups. The cups in our videos were riding, swimming, sliding, drifting, flying and falling. Popcorn flew into space, drowned in the ocean, exploded and shivered. Creative trailers quickly became favorite type of content on Planeta Kino facebook page. Fans were liking, commenting and sharing, all together making the video reach as many as 400,000 people.

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