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    Insight idea:

    In the growing competitive atmosphere from the local and international bookmakers with significant investments in media and creativity, the Parimatch brand needs not only to consolidate its positions but also to bring the brand to a significantly new level of recognition for the players. People should talk about Parimatch again. To do this, we created the main tasks for the new platform. We combined the need for player’s emotions and the bookmaker’s rational message: 1. To win the battle with the help of the brand’s image over the prevailing budgets of competitors. 2. To show the new character of the brand, which reflects the fighting leadership spirit of Parimatch 3. To create a unique and recognizable visual style and key message of the brand. 4. To adapt the brand for all markets with the potential to enter the TOP markets of the West. 5. To adapt the brand for ANY type of offline and online advertising, non-standards, which characterize Parimatch’s placements.


    Parimatch is fired up to win! We used a player, as the main focus. This brought us an advantage over our competitors. We built the platform based on meaningful and emotional hooks for the target audience – the concept of easy living. We rebranded and created a non-standard communication platform called “Fired up to win.” It is about people who do not tolerate halftones and always want to go further and get more. We presented the main character - a hottie, the personification of our TA – who lives easily and confidently gets what he wants with the help of Parimatch. Our hero-hottie is good at sports and takes advantage of any situation. He confidently goes forward, through barriers and difficulties to achieve his goal – to win with Parimatch.


    Our communication with the audience became bolder, forceful and we completely changed the visualization of the brand. We shot a catchy, thrilling video based on bright neon, dynamics, fractional, clip editing, and the real-time + slow motion combination. We have recorded a unique beat, a manifesto of victory, that excites from the first seconds. We developed a set of key images and a full set of creative and communication materials in a new style for digital and the OOH, which were scaled to all countries of the brand’s presence.


    We have showcased the brand’s character to the fullest and connected with the audience. This ultimately impacted the main indicators of the campaign’s effectiveness. Number of bets and active players increased by 1/3.

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