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    The Seymour J. Abrams Jerusalem World Center, headquarters of OU Israel, is a hub of Torah study, Jewish culture and spiritual growth. The center provides familiar social framework.

    Task. The task was to make a redesign of this website. Additional task’s are make a simple and presentable concept for OU Israel current website. A project idea is make peace in Jewish Orthodox community. We have a new vision for solution this problem.

    Solution. Central idea of solution is to provide a union, community and sociate. We designed new website that captured unity’s emotion and Synagogue - a main Jewish’s place to celebrate events and holidays.

    Synagogue. «The main project metaphor is a synagogue, a place to connect jewish community».

    Implementation. Color scheme was created from metaphor. Each color symbolise different things in Jewish life. Blue is like a sky, yellow – sun and green is most important color in Synagogue’s interrior. Than font’s are decorative elements. In this project we use two main geometric’s figures from metaphor to create grid system. This idea is perfect solution for numbers of grid system. Than we use 16 column.

    Main page. The animation capture the geometric’s figure and background. They are related by metaphor and emotion sense.

    Inner pages. Each unique geometric’s figure has symbolise different emotion. We implementated this rule for all pages. Also new colours tones was generated for inner pages.

    Responsive. We adapted design for 5 devices. Responsive gives easу way to take any information from the website.

    New view. The new website is composed of simple graphic ingredients that provide a kit of geometric figures, decorative typography and new colours.

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