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    Ricker Lyman


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    Ricker Lyman

    "Think of the owner of an international US company Ricker Lyman, who deals with Big Data, Streaming Microservices and Blockchain Technologies. Imagine a person who grew up with an idea about a robotic friend. This person is still in love with technology and is an old-school IT engineer. His product has its own history and philosophy. Therefore he became our client with a challenging request. The IT sphere has its own established form, colors, stylistics, and a general approach to projects.

    There was a need for a distinct visual style that conveys their passion for inventions.

    At first we had a doubt regarding the risks of departing completely for usual IT concepts. The Client sincerely believes in the development of technologies, so he wants an identity with the stylistics of the 50's, and we want new bold ideas.

    With this corporate style for the modern IT company we pay tribute to the ideas creators from the 50s

    Ricker Lyman’s identity is creating associations with retro-culture, an atmosphere of the ""old"" America."

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    Lviv, Zalizniaka 21
    067 208 87 56