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    Voice of Water. Morshynska. Music Video


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    Voice of Water. Morshynska. Music Video

    Most of the drinking water brands on the Ukrainian market tend to play natural. We had to break through the clutter and explain the product benefits of "Morshynska" in an innovative way, immersing people in naturalness on the sensational level. That is why we created “Voice of Water” — the first audio identity of natural Ukrainian water. The key to transport the message to viewers is music, created by the energy of water in partnership with talented Ukrainian musicians. It became the national identity which brings to life the energy and sound of the natural water in a very special way. For the project, we have built six instruments powered by rivers and waterfalls. We've teamed up with modern and authentic Ukrainian musicians. They maintained water to sparkle with all sides of its creative essence. The sets are accompanied by spherical and characteristic sound directly from nature via artistic instruments. The sound plunged viewers into the whole natural universe. It added to the emotional and positive undertone and simultaneously emphasized the distinctive characteristics of our musicians. With the help of music, "Morshynska" appeared as a sensual and naturally authentic brand from the very headwaters of the Carpathians.

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